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About ME

I specialize in providing software and consultancy for online sellers.

Keys skills are as follows…

  • Advisory (increase your online sales, reduce your costs).
  • Software  (list your products at more seller venues, optimize inventory, streamline)
  • Postage & dispatch (find out how to save money on postage, reduce labour)
  • Marketing (increase your web visibility)

I have 15 years of online selling experience with particular expertise in services for third-party marketplace sellers.

I am currently acting as business development consultant for…

  • FuturePro Logistics (3PL and e-postage solutions)
  • Inandout Distribution Gmbh (European e-retail, wholesale & distribution)
  • Several US online sellers wishing to expand globally

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Before my involvement in e-retail, I was a freelance software developer for 20+ years providing software solutions to media Companies & advertising agencies such as J Walter Thompson (MindShare), RAB and others.

My Story

My e-commerce story began in 1999 when I founded – the UK’s first online used CD store.

I was the first CD seller to be invited to sell on Amazon UK marketplace at launch in early 2002 and quickly started to sell at the Amazon Euro sites as well as Amazon USA.

Between 2004 – 2008 I created and licensed the Djangos Europe selling service. This software service provided physical music stores extra sales gained online via one product feed exposing their products to 25 worldwide selling venues. After it became established 120 UK music stores used this service each day.

2007 saw the launch of – a bulk mailing e-business specializing in postage savings for e-retailers. became a downstream access provider in 2011.

2013 – I am UK agent for a European Marketplace Portal designed to provide extra daily sales for qualifying UK online sellers at higher profit levels than other third-party marketplace venues.

2014 – e-postage solutions and low cost international tracked services. Send a fully tracked small parcel to USA for less than Royal Mail untracked etc.


I provide practical and affordable advice to e-retailers looking to boost sales yet reduce costs.

Services include….

  • Consultancy/Advisory
  • Marketplace Selling Tools
  • European Marketplace Portal
  • e-postage
  • International Tracked Parcel Services
  • 3PL
  • Offshore Distribution & Fulfillment

Affiliate Partner – World First – banking and foreign exchange for e-tailers. Looking to sell at Amazon or eBay Europe and need a bank account for the funds? – click here –

If you are looking for a global sales boost from your existing single file product feed – I can help.

If you want to save money on postage, streamline your systems/processes and take your e-business to the next level – contact me today.


I have known Kevin professionally since 1999 and I consider him to be a true expert in e-commerce & marketplace selling. Not only does Kevin have such vast experience in this area, he is also able to write software systems/solutions that enable e-retailers to grow their sales worldwide. We have worked on a number of projects with Kevin over the years and will continue to do so as leveraging his skills with our own has proven time and again to be very successful“. CEO – European Distribution Co.

With his experience and extensive knowledge of e-commerce, Kevin was fully dedicated to his company, always had an efficient strategy lined up to make our work go smoothly and was excellent in communicating his ideas to the rest of the team. I can recommend Kevin to anyone and would be only too happy to work for him again“. Former Employee – Ltd.

My Skills/History

Software Development - 30+ years (1979 – present)

Selling Online – 14 years (1999 – present)

Software For e-retailers – 10 years (2000 – 2010 – Djangos Europe)

E-Postage – 6 years (2007 – 2013 –